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May 25, 2018:
• GoTop100 disabled comments earlier this year. Since it doesn't seem like they'll be re-implementing them anytime soon, I'll be removing them from here as well.

Oct 11, 2016:
• General clean-up through list: unrelated sites have been deleted, inactive forums have been deactivated, deleted double comments or ratings.
• When leaving a rating on a forum, please be sure to leave a productive comment as well so as not to be removed as spam. Definitely use this to promote current activities going on, or comment on how you were helped or made to feel welcome. Thank you!

Feb 14, 2015:
• Time for a major revamp! Especially since Canidae has been using that green skin since 2011 or so.
• New standard for banners: all banners should be 480x100, no more and no less. Existing banners have been resized if necessary, or removed if they were way too small.
• Inactive sites have been deactivated, but can be reactivated if they become active again. Irrelevant sites have been deleted.
• Commenting and rating has been enabled. Please do not use this to spam or try and tear down "competition" - if this proves to be an issue it'll be disabled again.
• Added a cbox to the bottom of the page. Use it to ask the staff questions. Spamming and advertising are not allowed. If you abuse it, you lose it.
If your forum is no longer listed, it was deactivated by staff for being inactive. If it becomes active again you can request to be reactivated. This way you'll still have your rank if you return.
Site Of the Moment:
The Forgotten

A semi-realistic stray canine rp based in a fictional town in the middle of northern Canada. We have a word minimum of 200 and a member driven plot. We are brand new and seeking staff.

Rank Site In Out
1239 170

We are a magical animal roleplay, with dozens of free-to-play species, a unique magic system, free-form clan creation, lots of buy-ables, plenty of IC and OC events, and a welcoming community!
Age Of The Wolves
642 104

Coming into our third year, Age Of The Wolves has been growing rapidly. We now have 3 packs to choose from. Join our family and follow your destiny!
213 464

Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf rp that has many packs, deep lore, advanced story and 7 sentance minimum for posting. Alive for 8+ years with a positive and accepting member base.
199 178

Risk is a semi-realistic, feral canine roleplay set in the fictional city of Cascaro, Maine. Get involved in the politics of the different organizations or survive against the odds on your own.
167 57

Four gangs inhabit the city...their goal? To survive. Infidelis is a unique stray dog roleplay set in a fictional city. We are a friendly community inviting you to join us!
Primal Minds
56 32

Primal Minds is a post by post, beginner - advanced fantasy canine roleplay game. We are a lovely community, hoping that you will join and become part of the world that is ever changing.
The Pack Roleplay
43 415

Semi literate, realistic WRPG. PLENTY OF ACTIVE MEMBERS, more than 6 territories to RP in, and a brand new layout! Come visit our woods!
32 22

Gang leader role available. low word count
Red Rain
28 2

brand new feral canine rp come check us out
The Forgotten
27 36

A semi-realistic stray canine rp based in a fictional town in the middle of northern Canada. We have a word minimum of 200 and a member driven plot. We are brand new and seeking staff.
23 8

Taloren is brand new and full of opportunities! As a multi-species intelligent animal rp there are many animals available to play. With a word count of 100 words we seek quality over quantity and are ready and willing to help new roleplayers improve.
The Realm of Exos
17 7
We are a play-by-post, fantasy wolf Roleplay open to all lovers of wolves and roleplayers in general. We host both public and private roleplayer for age convenience and we hope to see you soon!
15 89

A semi-realistic wild canine & feline role play. Based among the Traum Islands, open plot site!
Revelation Lost
11 58

Multi-animal roleplay for those looking to have a ton of freedom in a friendly new community. D&D inspired stats, quests, guilds, and even demi-god status are all within your grasp!
Wolves of Zamora
7 3

Wolves of Zamora, where wolf and magic are one. Set within the Zamora Forest and in the time of man's disappearance. Man is gone but their crumbling structures remain, providing shelter for the five packs that reside within the forest. Magic has returned
2 12

brand new feral canine rp--start your own packs!
Merciless Night
1 18
A semi-realistic literate wolf rpg with a simple, uncluttered design, and an engaging story. We are always growing and welcome writers of all sorts of experience.
Dogs of Springtown
0 6

Present-day, semi-realistic dog roleplay set in a fictional place called Springtown. Open pack-making and high ranks, some post-apocalyptic elements.
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